Power up your automotive career

Joining Applus IDIADA, you can help contribute to the sustainable mobility of the future; which will be green, efficient, safe and universal.

Having people like you, with a passion for a job well done, with a desire to grow and travel, autonomous, proactive, focused on objectives and 100% customer oriented.

One of the most innovative companies that gives support to worldwide automotive clients in their product development activities by providing them with engineering, testing and homologation services.

A career full of plans

Work anywhere in the world

We are in 22 countries. We are 100% multicultural. Do you want to experience working in another region? Count on us! Internal mobility is part of our daily work.

Accelerate your career

What better training than experience! That's why we have a career plan that offers internal and transversal mobility within the company.

Make your ideas take shape

Thanks to projects such as the Innovation and Creativity Programme, employees can contribute innovative ideas or improvement actions, in services or tools. Since 2013, more than 1,000 proposals have been received, of which 480 have been launched on the market.

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Our social commitment

At IDIADA, responsibility goes beyond our professional role. We are aware of the positive impact and the help we can provide in different social environments. We promote this culture among our teams and look for opportunities to implement it.

Jo, enginyera

We encourage our female engineers to share their professional experience in various educational centres in order to promote gender equality, both in the engineering and automotive fields.

 “Build Talent”

Applus IDIADA participates in Dual Training programmes, opening the door to a unique learning experience for young professionals. We also encourage students to fulfil their dreams, giving support to events like Formula Student and Kart Academy.

People, our driving force

And who better to talk about the IDIADA experience than our own teams. Let’s meet them!

"In the middle of 2017, I started my internship programme at IDIADA, in the Pedestrian Protection Department. After this experience, I joined IDIADA leading interesting projects and growing professionally every day".

Carlota Salvador

Passive Safety – Engineer

"Working at IDIADA means being engaged with a diverse range of projects, clients, and partners. I have been involved from the very beginning with ground-breaking research and development and making use of the cutting-edge facilities like the driving simulator laboratory and test tracks".

James Jackson

Electronic Chassis Control Systems – 

Project Engineer

"I experienced working abroad at IDIADA, and I highly recommend it as I was able to discover another country and its people, meet and establish relationships with a multitude of clients located throughout China, improve my knowledge of new technologies and at the same time enjoy cultural differences".

Xavier Vizcaino

Powertrain Senior Manager

Experience the Meet Up!

Twice a year the IDIADA Corporate Headquarters, in Santa Oliva (Spain), opens its doors so that professionals from the sector can get to know the 3 700 000 m2 of facilities that have marked a before and after in the automotive world. This year the Meet Up will be held virtually. So, wherever you are, if your future lies in the automotive industry, come and meet us!


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Search among our job offers for your new professional challenge, we look forward to seeing you!

Tips to keep in mind!

Do your homework

Find out as much as possible about the company prior to the interview. A good starting point is to look up their website and find out about the products and services they offer, the location of the office/s, and the number of employees.

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